Gentle Yoga Classes

What problems might you be facing right now?

You may be feeling stiff and achy. This may be a constant frustration or brought on by doing household tasks, shopping, gardening etc.

You may not have done any exercise for a while, perhaps because life got in the way or maybe you are concerned about exercising safely.

You have heard about yoga and wondered if it would suit you, but you are unsure about joining a large class. Maybe your physio/osteopath or chiropractor suggested that you practice yoga.

You feel that you may need time to move slowly into and out of the yoga poses due to being stiff and achy.

You may find it difficult to relax.

What you need help with right now…

You want to benefit from a regular exercise routine which will help you to feel fitter and stronger and help alleviate aches and stiffness.
You are looking for a small group class where you can work at a slower pace if necessary and a teacher who can offer support with modifications to poses to suit your body.

You would like some tips on exercises which you can do at home between classes.

You may need some practical tips on how to relax.

How can the weekly classes help you?

Gentle Yoga classes are held in cosy rooms in Weston-super-Mare. Each class has just 8-10 participants so that you get the attention and support you are looking for.

Yoga has lots of health benefits including building muscle strength, improving flexibility, protecting your spine, helping to prevent cartilage and joint breakdown and increasing blood flow. In addition, some people find yoga helpful to cope with stress, anxiety & depression.

You will need to bring a yoga mat. For your comfort you may wish to bring an extra cushion and blanket for relaxation.

Each class ends with a short relaxation period. Lavender eye pillows can be purchased to encourage deeper relaxation.


After your complimentary class you can select the method of investment to suit your needs:

Monthly direct debit or Standing Order

  • Access to one class per week.
  • Your place is guaranteed.
  • Home Practice sheets or online videos.
  • Telephone or email support if required.

Purchasing a 4-week Pass which can be used over a 6-week consecutive period

  • Access to one class per week.
  • Enables you to take 2 weeks off in 6 without losing money. Ideal for shift workers or those planned or unplanned absences.
  • Home Practice sheets or online videos.
  • Telephone or email support if required.

NOTE Due to Covid19 we are currently running our classes via Zoom due to the size of our venues and social distancing rules. You can join in if you have access to a laptop, tablet or smart-phone. We are happy to help you prior to the class if you haven’t used Zoom before.

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