Interview With Haze

Who are you clients exactly?

Our clients are people living in and around the Weston-super-Mare area who want to improve their posture, get fitter, stronger, and learn to relax. Or, in the case of pregnancy yoga, wish to remain fit and healthy and learn more about how to cope with pregnancy and birth.

They are people who understand that their lifestyle or work may be affecting their health and wellbeing and want to make a change and do something about it.

They are people who are dealing with niggling aches, back pain, bad posture and joint stiffness.

They are adults of any age or gender.

Who will your classes work for?

Depending on the level or type of support required, there is a class for everyone. Our classes welcome all abilities, including complete beginners, so long as you are willing to make a commitment to your fitness and wellness. Whatever your level or situation, there is something for you and you can challenge yourself and learn in a fun, friendly environment.

Classes will work well for people who prefer smaller classes; typically 8-10 participants with the exception of some of the chair-based and senior stretch classes where numbers may be higher.

What type of person do I need to be to make this work?

You don’t need to be a ‘type’. If you have never done yoga before or are coming back after some time out, you will fit in. If you are someone with an open mind and genuinely willing to make time to see the change you are looking for, that will help. You are in a place where you are ready to make a change and ready to focus on an exercise programme that can fit into your life and get the most out of it.

How can yoga help me?

Yoga may help you relieve your aches and pains, improve flexibility and balance. It can also help with stress which in turn can help with conditions affected by stress such as, constipation, depression, strokes, heart attacks etc. Elevated levels of stress can also increase the hormone, cortisol, which has been found to cause unhealthy tummy fat.

Yoga is a holistic practice. It is a combination of poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation. All poses are done with the breath. Our breath is an automatic function which is part of the automatic nervous system. However, we are able to control it: slowing it down can help you to feel calm and relaxed instead of feeling tense and stressed. As several conditions can be affected by stress, learning to control and smooth out the breath can be a great benefit. Combining the breath with the poses and learning to breathe into the parts of the body which are niggling us can provide great health benefits all round.

If I’m not sure whether yoga is for me, how can I sample your classes to see if it is the right solution for me?

Starting anything new can be a bit daunting. People classically say “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible enough”. You really don’t need to be flexible before you come along – just doing yoga regularly will improve your flexibility.

You are invited to try a class for FREE just to see if you like it and see if our teaching and approach meets your needs and expectations.

What results can I expect?

Rather than telling you what I think, I’ll tell you what clients say, depending on the type of class attended:

  • The ladies who have attended Pregnancy Yoga have commented how it has helped them with back pain and the ability to relax throughout pregnancy. They also really enjoy being part of a group and some have arranged to meet up outside of the class during and beyond pregnancy. Many have sent positive feedback following the birth of their babies to say that the midwife has congratulated them on their breathing techniques. Breathing and relaxation techniques have also helped when breastfeeding.
  • At the end of the first Gentle Yoga class attended by Laura, she was really pleased that she could see and feel a difference – at the beginning of the class she could not sit cross-legged without propping her knees on cushions for support but by the end of the class she sat easily with no support. This was echoed by another lady too.
  • Our Hatha Yoga clients have said how much stronger and fitter they feel and they enjoy the little challenges thrown in occasionally. They feel more positive about their bodies and more conscious of their posture. People say they have different reasons for coming along: some originally came due to back pain or joint stiffness, whilst others chose yoga as an enjoyable form of exercise having heard about its health benefits.
  • Chair-based Yoga clients have said they have been surprised how many different movements can be done on or behind a chair. They have found improvements in their joint mobility and movement in general which has been beneficial to their daily lives. Some came along due to being encouraged by a family member. They fully admit that they may not have thought of joining but are really glad that they did.
  • Private clients have a variety of results, again depending on their reason for coming along: this has included the positive result of feeling confident enough to join a community class, having been guided through a few classes where they could work at their own pace and be assured that they are using safe alignment. Those who came with a medical condition have found it great to be given a Home Practice sheet so that they can continue the good work they are doing on a regular basis. A young lady with autism who attended said that she felt more confident having private lessons as she couldn’t cope with other people in a class setting.
  • A few seniors have commented that they would love to stretch out as they have heard how good this is for the body, especially as we get older. Chair-based classes didn’t feel quite right for them as they were fairly fit but the thought of attending a general yoga class didn’t appeal either. So, we have devised a new class called Senior Stretch to support this client group.

Clients of all the classes have commented that they are now aware of what poses to try at home or at work if aches or pains hit them. They know what to do to alleviate stiffness in their backs from the poses we do in class and using the Home Practice sheets or online videos. Often just 5 or 10 minutes at home will help give some relief. One client tells everyone “Yoga has changed my life”

Do I need to be fit and flexible to do yoga?

No, absolutely not! It is a myth that to do yoga you need to be able to do the splits or tuck your foot behind your head!! There are always modifications to poses for all levels as well as props to support you if needed, such as blocks, cushions and straps. Yoga is more than just doing poses in any case: it is the bringing together of the mind and body. Therefore, the breathing, meditation and relaxation is just as important, and for some, the most important part of doing yoga.

For those who are fit and flexible and want a bit more of a challenge, modifications can be offered to increase the level of intensity of a pose.

I chose the name of my business, Access To Yoga, to encourage people to give yoga a try with the belief that yoga is for every ‘body’.

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

You will need to bring your own mat. You may need additional props but will be advised.

What do I wear?

We work in bare feet. Clothing needs to be comfortable, allowing you to move freely. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, comfortable shorts etc are all useful. There is no need to purchase special yoga clothing unless you wish to do so at a later date.

OK, so how do I get started?

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