Pregnancy Yoga Classes

About You

You are 14 weeks pregnant or more and need support to help you exercise safely from now until the birth of your baby.

You may be suffering from backache or feeling sluggish.

Maybe you are working and finding yourself becoming tired and achy during the working day.

Perhaps you find yourself worrying about the birth, causing anxiety or stress at times.
You may find it hard to relax.

You may already have children and little opportunity for ‘ME Time’.

You don’t know many other people currently in your situation.

What you need help with right now…

You are looking for a regular specialist class which offers you safe and appropriate exercises to help you manage any aches and pains during your pregnancy until birth.

You would like to receive tips on how to exercise between classes at home or at work to help relieve aches and pains.

You would find it useful to learn more about breathing techniques for birth.

You would appreciate the chance to relax and have some ‘ME Time’ away from the stresses of everyday life.

You would like to meet other mums-to-be for support and social relationships.

How can the weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes help you?

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes can support you from 14 weeks to birth by offering safe poses and movements to help you feel fit throughout your pregnancy. We can help to build your strength and stamina as well as teaching you how to relax, both of which are important in the birthing process.

You will learn a variety of breathing techniques and will know which to use for the different stages of birth. Many ladies have reported back that their midwife has congratulated them on their breathing which they learnt at the classes.

You will have support to modify your poses or movements if you develop issues along your pregnancy journey, such as pelvic girdle pain or discomfort.

You will meet other mums-to-be and will have the opportunity to join a Facebook messenger group so that you can keep in touch with them even after your baby is born. Many ladies are still meeting up in small groups since meeting at our classes.

You will need to bring a yoga mat. You may bring an extra cushion and a blanket for the relaxation if you wish.

We always end with a short period of relaxation.

We sometimes use affirmations to help the mindset of having a positive birth experience.

Come and try and COMPLIMENTARY class before you sign up.

If you decide to join us on a regular basis, what does your investment include?

  • Access to one pregnancy yoga class per week for 4 weeks over a 5-week consecutive period at your chosen location.
  • Your place is guaranteed.
  • Home Practice sheet & Labour sheet to take away.
  • Hints or tips on pregnancy-related issues.
  • Optional membership of a Facebook messenger group.
  • Telephone or email support if required.

NOTE We will resume Zoom classes if there are further lockdowns due to Covid19’ – please enquire.

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